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Discover Ravelli – The World’s Leading Pellet Stove Manufacturer

Despite not being as well-known as other North American pellet stove brands, Ravelli is actually one of the largest pellet stove manufacturers in the world, with over $83 million in sales and 75,000 stoves produced in 2014 – more than any other pellet stove manufacturer in the US. Based in Brescia, Italy, Ravelli entered the US market in 2013 and has been meeting high demand for pellet stoves in Europe since 1970, consistently producing innovative designs and evolving technology. In North America, Ravelli’s pellet stoves stand out as unparalleled in sophistication and performance, with no other brands able to match their level of innovation.

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Ravelli is committed to providing exceptional customer support, even after the purchase process. Their Technical Assistance Centers are readily available to assist with any issues. Every stove undergoes practical testing by professional testers and is certified to the highest standards, ensuring maximum reliability and 100% safety.

Ravelli’s core values extend beyond their products and into their environmental responsibility. The company recognizes the importance of protecting the ecosystem and strives to manufacture products that balance economic development with environmental protection. Their dedication to sustainable development aligns with the global trend towards ecological applications, preserving the world in which we live.

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In this video, the CEO of Ravelli delivers a message to dealers in the USA, sharing insights into the company’s vision and highlighting the unique features of their innovative pellet stoves

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