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They are not simple pyrolytic pellet heaters

~ Primato

Revolutionize Outdoor Heating with Model L Heat

Transform your outdoor spaces with Model L Heat, a cutting-edge solution beyond conventional pellet pyrolytic heaters. Boasting an eco-friendly design, Model L Heat offers efficient combustion and low emissions, setting a new standard in outdoor heating. The innovative design allows for the easy switch between two dome types – Standard and XL – ensuring the heat is directed precisely where it’s needed, creating a cozy and warm environment perfect for any outdoor setting

Experience the convenience of Model L Heat’s user-friendly loading process. Compatible with any 6mm pellets, the heater features a straightforward loading system. Simply load the pellets, use Ecofire Gel for rapid ignition, and insert the burner with its practical handle. The Power Bank connection and green verification light make operation a breeze, ensuring a seamless heating experience

Moreover, Model L Heat is an economical choice, boasting minimal management costs. Its automatic operation management throughout the entire work cycle makes it ideal for both public and private outdoor areas like terraces and gardens. The use of economical and ecological fuel, exempt from UNI regulations for LPG, further enhances its appeal as a versatile and environmentally responsible heating solution

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